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Executives….Land your next 6-figure job, quicker and easier with the right Next Step!

You’re smart and successful in your chosen field—not necessarily in conducting a faster, more successful job search. Our goal is to provide you with techniques, strategies and coaching to improve your odds of successfully landing that next 6-figure job more effectively and in less time. Here are the steps we will take to help you achieve your goals –

Initial Consultation

In a phone or in-person meeting, we discuss your current search goals and situation, assess your needs to improve the success of your search and your career/business goals. It starts with a review of your career to date, your current resume, your search strategy and results, and your perception of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This is followed by a recommendation and conversation about what services you need.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Based on your background, skills and experience, we help you clarify your USP, ensuring that it is clear and compelling. It clarifies why “they” must meet you and is demonstrated in your executive resume and all other communications.

Executive Resume

Based on the market, your unique background and experience and a clearly defined USP, we help you create a resume that captures “you” in a way that distinguishes you from your competition and commands attention.

Strategies—Going Direct

Get in front of key players within the organizations you are targeting. It works! We will work with you to write a direct marketing communication that communicates what you can do for them and why—so you get a meeting. We will help you target those companies in your sweet spot and the key decision makers.


We provide guidance on any details pertaining to your strategy and decision-making; from how to make your networking more effective, how to reach more search firms, how to enhance your LinkedIn profile, to a review of strategy prior to meetings, phone calls, interviews, negotiations.

High School or College Students or Recent College Graduates….Take the right Next Step!

Whether you are a student or a recent college graduate concerned because you’re not clear about a good choice of a college major, a career or a job; our services are exactly for you. The right next step is based on an assessment of your skills, natural abilities, interests, personality, and values combined with an understanding of high-growth careers.

Initial Consultation

At NexxStep the process begins with an hour long meeting to understand your challenges, assess your needs and select the best assessment tools and inventories tailored to meet the identified needs. The idea is to provide you with a personalized solution that factors in your strengths and limitations as well. The evidence-based assessment tools and inventories we use are proven to be effective with this population of clients.

Completion of Assessment Tools

At this stage you will receive an assessment package of the selected assessment tools and inventories with instructions on how to proceed. You are expected to complete the package and follows the directions to ensure the completed information is returned.

Report/Assessment Preparation & Review

After completion of the inventories, the counseling professional will tabulate and analyze the results and prepare an assessment report to summarize all of the results including majors or occupations to explore. This report will be provided to you and/or your family in a two-hour session.

Exploration of Identified Majors/Careers

You will then meet with the assigned counseling professional to further review the results, gain clarity, discuss identified potential career and college majors and appropriate next steps. The career and college major exploration process consists of the initial self-assessment combined with help assessing various options followed by a plan of action.

Finding a Job or Internship

Finding a job or internship right after college can be challenging. We provide best practices and coaching to enable you to get motivated and get going in your career. You don’t have to stay “lost and confused”. There is a direction for you and a road to get there. “They” say there are no jobs….not true. You just have to know how to find them and be someone “they” want to hire..

NexxStep offers career & job search strategies that work.