Based on your target market, your unique background and experience and a clearly defined USP, we help you create a resume that captures “you” in a way that distinguishes you from your competition and commands attention, giving you a competitive advantage. We have a unique process for capturing the information we need to provide you with the Positioning and Branding you need. Your resume will be compelling, clarifying why “they” must meet you. This is demonstrated in your executive resume and all other communications…Read more


Executives in career transition may face many challenges in this daunting job market, but there are a number of options that they can actively pursue once they clarify their unique selling proposition. Some executives haven’t looked for a new position in many years. Those executives may find the new landscape of the job search overwhelming. Others have participated in the job market every couple of years and are seeking a new approach or assistance to shorten the search. This is where we come in! At NexxStep, we realize that you need a…Read more


We also provide Executive Coaching, which is useful for higher level professionals and executives to improve their leadership, management, performance coaching, communications, interpersonal or emotional intelligence abilities. Executives seek executive coaching on their own or corporations hire executive coaches to help their high level employees. Sometimes executive coaching is provided when the individual is up for a promotion, has taken on new responsibilities, or is having some difficulty with certain areas of skill…Read more