We also provide Executive Coaching, which is useful for higher level professionals and executives to improve their leadership, management, performance coaching, communications, interpersonal or emotional intelligence abilities.

Executives seek executive coaching on their own or corporations hire executive coaches to help their high level employees. Sometimes executive coaching is provided when the individual is up for a promotion, has taken on new responsibilities, or is having some difficulty with certain areas of skill development that are needed for continued and future success.

Executive Coaching Service is usually provided on a one-to-one basis with an executive coach. Personal inventories relevant to communications or leadership may be provided. We carefully gather information to understand the developmental issues and create a customized coaching strategy for each individual. The process will include relevant cases and role-plays.

Our customized executive coaching programs help clients:

  • Transition effectively into new roles
  • Learn new skills
  • Enhance interpersonal behavior
  • Explore and eliminate or minimize weaknesses
  • Identify and capitalize on talents
  • Take ownership of initiatives
  • Implement change management
  • Identify future goals and determine a clear plan for achievement
  • Increase motivation and productivity
  • Improve team building skills
  • Facilitate meetings and discussions
  • Presentation coaching/fostering communication
  • Shape cultures and business strategies
  • Shatter negative images
  • Secure productive feedback
  • Create loyalty among peers
  • Gain respect and praise from superiors
  • Receive appreciation for contributions
  • Make effective business decisions
  • Raise personal profile within the company, industry and community
  • Earn more money for both the company and themselves