Executives in career transition may face many challenges in this daunting job market, but there are a number of options that they can actively pursue. This is where we come in! At NexxStep, we realize that you can easily become overwhelmed by the growing maze of job search boards, company databases, and online recruiting networks unless you have a solid job search strategy plan. It is essential to understand while it is critical to engage in online job search activities, it should only be a portion—not the entire component—of your job search strategy plan.


Step 1 – Create your Personalized Job Search Campaign Strategy

We assist you in developing a personalized and targeted action plan to help you achieve your goals—to find and be found! You will develop the strategy and tactics necessary to gain entry to companies and job targets. This includes the “right way” to network, direct approach marketing, using social media and the Internet, opportunity marketing, responding to listings and, sometimes, using executive search recruiters. As part of the plan, we determine your unique selling proposition, your most marketable strengths. We help you more clearly communicate what you can do for an organization, in a way that sets you apart from others.

The Go Direct Strategy and Direct Marketing E-mail

We have found that in addition to networking, which is key in an executive job search, the go-direct strategy can have incredible results. Get in front of key players within the organizations you are targeting. It works! We will work with you to write a direct marketing communication that communicates what you can do for them and why—so you get a meeting.

You can target companies in your sweet spot and the key decision makers most likely to hire you by sending them a direct marketing e-mail with your value proposition.  If you do it right, you can

  • Land a new job in less than 3 months
  • Get multiple, simultaneous job offers
  • Have a job created for you

A current client sent out 20 e-mails and has 10 meetings!

Step 2 – Develop Marketing & Communications Materials

In addition, we can work with you to prepare any other marketing communications whether it is your Linked In profile, a recruiter letter, a leave behind, a bio, or honing your “pitch”.

Step 3 – Coaching while Implementing the Job Search Campaign

We are your partner in this process. Executives have told us that there is a necessity for using our coaching services. Executives have found that it is not to their advantage to be transparent in sharing thoughts, issues and feelings or sensitive conversations related to their history or job search strategy with colleagues, peers, or contacts. With us, you can communicate openly without concern that anything you say or we discuss can impact your career and job search negatively.

We help you implement your “proactive” job search campaign, supporting you, regardless of where you live by phone, via Skype and via e-mail. You can choose individual sessions or pay a reasonable monthly coaching fee to call whenever you need to talk about an issue or situation We are available to you every step of the way…..to strategize how to handle a specific phone call, an upcoming meeting, a critical decision, how to move the process forward, or anything else that is going on with networking contacts or even family-related issues during this process.

We provide guidance on any details pertaining to your strategy and decision-making; from how to make your networking more effective, how to reach more search firms, how to enhance your LinkedIn profile, to a review of strategy prior to meetings, phone calls, interviews, negotiations.