man at a job interview with  interviewer, giving her his resumeBased on your target market, your unique background and experience and a clearly defined USP, we help you create a resume that captures “you” in a way that distinguishes you from your competition and commands attention, giving you a competitive advantage. We have a unique process for capturing the information we need to provide you with the Positioning and Branding you need. Your resume will be compelling, clarifying why “they” must meet you. This is demonstrated in your executive resume and all other communications. If you are the kind of leader who has the courage to stand apart from the job search mob and are ready to get hired by enterprising corporations in this competitive job market, then partner with Nexxstep. Anyone can write a lackluster resume but only an exceptional resume development firm will provide you with a strategic, meaningful resume that demands attention. In a pile of hundreds of ‘seasoned executives,’ YOUR resume will stand out! Your resume’s content will be impacting, clear, rich in valuable information, concise and unique, which means you win QUALITY interviews!


Step 1 – Initial Client Consultation and Resume Needs Assessment
  • Consult with you to understand and identify your targeted profession/industry, career objective(s), and job search goals
  • Discuss and provide an initial assessment of your current resume and provide you with additional information regarding the resume development process and deliverables
Step 2 – Resume Strategy and Development
  • Based on our discussions and assessment combined with your completion of our unique, customized questionnaire, we are able to a) understand and communicate your unique selling proposition and b) create a resume that markets you most effectively
  • Identify your most relevant education, work experience, accomplishments, skills, strengths and attributes
  • Identify the most suitable resume format, structure and marketing techniques
  • Develop the contents for your resume–job responsibilities, accomplishments, areas of expertise and strengths using job specific key words and competency-based phrases
Step 3 – Client Consultation and Resume Review
  • Review the resume one-on-one with you to ensure that the resume successfully target your objectives and desires—one week to develop resume draft
  • Ensure that the resume accurately portrays your experience and effectively demonstrate how your skills and experience can benefit prospective employers, your USP
  • Make any changes to meet your needs and prepare the final resume for your approval