It has become increasingly. difficult to find work in the current economic climate Learn how to conduct a successful job search get the support you need to see it through, and, as an added benefit, build skills necessary for workplace success. Clearly identify your Targets (jobs, industries, organizations, entrepreneurial) because you can’t really be successful if you don’t know where you are going.


Step 1 – Create your Personalized Job Search Campaign Strategy

We assist you in developing a personalized and targeted action plan to help you achieve your goals. You will develop the strategy and tactics necessary to gain entry to companies and job targets. This includes the “right way” to network, direct approach marketing, using social media and the Internet, opportunity marketing, responding to listings and, sometimes, using recruiters. As part of the plan, we determine your unique selling proposition, your most marketable strengths. We help you more clearly communicate what you can do for an organization, in a way that sets you apart from others

Step 2 – Develop a “Door-Opening” Resume, other Marketing & Communications Materials

Based on the assessment and our customized questionnaire, we develop a resume or resumes for you that will market you most effectively. You need a resume that is effective in that it showcases your value and benefits to prospective employers and is directed at target goals. In addition, we work with you to prepare the model template communications you need to be successful (direct marketing letter, a response letter, a recruiter letter) or a bio or profile for networking purposes, a web page or a linked in profile. Finally, we help you with your “pitch”, what you are going to say when you introduce yourself, either on the phone or in person.

Step 3 – Implement the Job Search Campaign

We help you implement your “proactive” job search campaign, supporting you in -person, by phone, via Skype and via e-mail. With coaching, you increase your networking and interviewing skills, develop a strategy to approach all opportunities, evaluate your options and offers, and negotiate the best overall compensation package. We provide you with coaching support throughout your campaign.