man at a job interview with  interviewer, giving her his resumeEnsure that you have the best marketing-oriented resume to represent you in front off potential employers, and recruiters. Let us help you create an amazing resume showcasing your skills, experience and achievements to help you get your next job or promotion faster.  Our resume development and enhancement service is aimed at opening doors for you to your next job, a promotion, or a new career opportunity by increasing the volume and quality of employer interview requests to your resume. Working with your existing resume, our resume writing experts will determine the best strategy to strengthen the content, structure and format of your resume. Our objective is to effectively showcase your skills, experience and accomplishments to employers leading to job offers.


Step 1 – Initial Client Consultation and Resume Needs Assessment
  • Consult with you to identify your targeted profession/industry and career objective(s)
  • Identify your most relevant education, work experience, accomplishments, skills, strengths and attributes
  • Evaluate the position(s) you are applying for including related job postings and employer job competency requirements (skills, experience, qualifications and attributes required to perform the job successfully)
Step 2 – Resume Strategy and Development
  • Identify the most suitable resume format, structure and marketing techniques
  • Develop the contents for your resume–job responsibilities, accomplishments, areas of expertise and strengths using job specific key words and competency-based phrases
  • Review your draft resume to ensure that your resume effectively links your competencies, accomplishments and successes to your target profession and employers’ job competency requirements
Step 3 – Client Consultation and Resume Review
  • Review the resume one-on-one with you to ensure that the resume successfully target your objectives and desires
  • Ensure that the resume accurately portrays your experience and effectively demonstrate how your skills and experience can benefit prospective employers
  • Make any changes to meet your needs and prepare the final resume for your approval
  • Discuss how you can utilize your new resume to effectively sell yourself at the interview and get the job